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Jul 9, 2019

#1 Curious Weekly: The Samurai Turtle

Welcome Welcome to the 1st post of #curious-weekly! In this week we have some really awesome content: AWS Pretty cool posts about serverless, api’s, s3 codepipeline, ecs and more: Serverless Asynchronous API with APIG, SQS and Lambda Deploy your Application on AWS ECS in Minutes Build Serverless Pipelines with Amazon CloudWatch Automate Static Website Deployment From Github to S3 using CodePipeline DevOps Pipelines with Jenkins, fully automated mongodb cluster using ansible and vagrant, kubernetes and spinnaker: ...Read More
Jul 9, 2019

Introducing Curious-Weekly a Curated List of Awesome Stuff

Curious Weekly Introducing curious weekly, a weekly post of curated articles that I stumble upon during the week. I am curious by heart, and I love reading up on new stuff, what people build, how people build stuff and the awesome blog posts that people publish. I always want to share the awesome stuff with the world, so I decided that I will start a blog series called “curious-weekly”, where I will post my curated list every week of the awesome stuff that I stumble upon. ...Read More

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