A one-page of DevOps and Tech related resources that I find useful.


Blockchain Bootcamps

  • Brie Kirbyson’s Crypto Basics Bootcamp teaches you how to get started investing in crypto, so you can confidently buy & sell, trade NFTs, and earn passive income with your crypto investments. Definitely check it out.

Blockchain Youtube Content

The following youtube channels are my go-to for anything crypto related:

  • Eddie Moon produces content and information on investing, personal finance an entrepreneurship and definitely one of my go-to channels.

  • Gregory from Dapp University teaches you to build decentralized apps on the ethereum blockchain, but he provides great insights into the crypto market, talks about trending topics and answers live qna.

  • Guy from CoinBureau provides great information about the crypto markets.

  • Max Maher produces content on how to make money in crypto and provides great information in the crypto space


DevOps Courses


  • DevOps Directive has one amazing complete terraform bootcamp course on youtube