Hi, I'm Ruan.

Systems Development Engineer, DevOps, Linux, AWS, Python


Bekker Stacks
Initiative that I started to have multiple repositories for various Docker Swarm Stacks, which you can just clone and deploy
My Main Tech Blog: blog.ruanbekker.com
Tech things I stumble across which involves mainly around AWS, Linux, DevOps, Systems Development Engineering, Automation, Containers, Servers, etc
Tech Blog: sysadmins.co.za
Linux, Systems Administration and Howto Blog on Building Servers and Systems

Elasticsearch Hands-On Course
A work-in-progress Elasticsearch hands-on tutorial, from installing, ingesting, searching, aggregations, management etc.
AWS Secret Store with Golang
AWS Secret Store using S3, KMS and IAM written in Golang

Latest Post

Sep 10, 2019

My First App on Civos Kubernetes Marketplace

Kubernetes Marketplace Recently, Civo built a Managed k3s Kubernetes Service and offers a App Marketplace, where you can select the applications that you want bootstrapped to your deployment. They offer the community to contribute and I decided that I want to add MongoDB as it was not part of the Databases category at that time: Add MongoDB I got to work and added mongodb in this pull request https://github. ...Read More


My profile picture.

I’m a Systems Development Engineer at JUMO

I have a passion for problem solving, building things and making businesses succeed. I’m madly curious by heart, so I am very hungry for knowledge and you will always find my trying and testing out new things to stay ahead of the game.

I primarily work with AWS, Linux, Python, Automation, Systems Development, DevOps, Containers, Solutions Architecture, Open Source, Knowledge Sharing, Metrics, Systems Adminstration and making Customers happy is a big thing for me.

I have about 12 years of experience in the IT Industry that ranges from Linux Systems Administration, DevOps, BigData and Systems Development Engineering.

You will find me on twitter, sharing most of my blogposts that I write about tech topics on blog.ruanbekker.com and sysadmins.co.za and I share most of my code on my githhub repository.

I always love feedback and hearing from the community, so if you want to chat, need some help on your projects, feel free to reach out to me using the tools below.