Ruan Bekker

Senior DevOps Engineer

Hello! My name is Ruan Bekker, I currently work as a Senior DevOps Engineer in the FinTech space, specializing in the blockchain technology.

About Me

I have a passion for problem solving, building things and making businesses succeed. I'm madly curious by heart, so I'm very hungry for knowledge and you will always find my trying and testing out new things to stay ahead of the game.

My Background

I have about 14 years of experience in the IT/Engineering Industry that ranges from Linux Systems Administration, DevOps, BigData and Systems Development Engineering, mostly in the FinTech industry.

Tech Blogging

You will find me on twitter, sharing most of my blogposts that I write about tech topics on ruan.dev, sysadmins.co.za and for raspberry pi based projects on blog.pistack.co.za and I share most of my code on my github repository.