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Splitting Characters with Python to determine Name Surname and Email Address


I had a bunch of email addresses that was set in a specific format that I can strip characters from, to build up a Username, Name and Surname from the Email Address, that I could use to for dynamic reporting.

Using Split in Python

Here I will define the value of emailadress to a string, then using Python's split() function to get the values that I want:

>>> emailaddress = ""
>>> emailaddress.split("@", 1)
['ruan.bekker', '']
>>> username = emailaddress.split("@", 1)[0]
>>> username
>>> username.split(".", 1)
['ruan', 'bekker']
>>> name = username.split(".", 1)[0].capitalize()
>>> surname = username.split(".", 1)[1].capitalize()
>>> name
>>> surname
>>> username
>>> emailaddress

Now that we have define our keys, let's print the values:

>>> print("Name: {0}, Surname: {1}, UserName: {2}, Email Address: {3}".format(name, surname, username, emailaddress))
Name: Ruan, Surname: Bekker, UserName: ruan.bekker, Email Address:

From here on you can build up for example an email function that you can pass the values to your function to get a specific job done.

Update: Capitalize from One String

Today, I had to capitalize the name and surname that was linked to one variable:

>>> user = ''
>>> username = ' '.join(map(str, [x.capitalize() for x in user.split(".")]))
>>> print(username)
James Bond

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