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Using Python to Read Data from a MySQL Database


Wanted to use Python to read some data from MySQL and stumbled upon a couple of great resources, which I noted some of my output below:

Install Dependencies:

$ apt install python-dev libmysqlclient-dev python-setuptools gcc
$ easy_install pip
$ pip install MySQL-python

Download Some Sample Data:

Download the world dataset for MySQL:

$ wget
$ unzip

Create Database:

Create the Database in MySQL for the dataset that we downloaded:

$ mysql -u root -p -e'CREATE DATABASE world;'

Import Data:

Import the data into the world database:

$ mysql -u root -p world < world.sql

Create the MySQL Credentials File:

Create a file and populate the credentials in a dictionary:

credentials = {
	'mysql': {
		'host': 'localhost',
		'username': 'root',
		'password': 'password',
		'database': 'world'

Run Queries from Python:

Enter the Python interpreter and run some queries:

>>> import MySQLdb as pdb
>>> from config import credentials as secrets

# assignments 
>>> db_host = secrets['mysql']['host']
>>> db_username = secrets['mysql']['username']
>>> db_password = secrets['mysql']['password']
>>> db_name = secrets['mysql']['database']

# create a connection to the database
>>> conn = pdb.connect(host=db_host, user=db_username, passwd=db_password, db=db_name)

# create a object for the queries we will be using
>>> cursor = conn.cursor()

# execute the query
>>> cursor.execute('select continent, name from country where continent = "Africa" limit 5')

# fetch the results by assigning it to the results object:
>>> results = cursor.fetchall()

# loop and print results:
>>> for x in results:
...     print(x)
('Africa', 'Angola')
('Africa', 'Burundi')
('Africa', 'Benin')
('Africa', 'Burkina Faso')
('Africa', 'Botswana')

# close the connection
>>> conn.close()

Graphing Results to Plotly:

A great blogpost that shows how to use this data to graph the results to plotly


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