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Setup RocketChat on Docker Swarm


Rocket Chat, a Self Hosted Alternative, which is very similar to Slack.

We will setup a RocketChat Server which is hosted on Docker Swarm. In future posts, I will also go through the steps on working with the API, Custom Emoji's etc.


RocketChat uses MongoDB as its Database, we will keep the database outside of our swarm, if you don't already have a MongoDB Server in place, follow the Setup a 3 Node MongoDB post to get that sorted.

Another requirement is to have docker swarm running, alternatively, you can also follow RocketChat's Documentation if you prefer setting it up elsewhere.

Setup Rocket Chat

We will assume MongoDB is accessible via on port 27017, with a username and password.

Creating the RocketChat service and associate it to our appnet overlay network:

docker service create --name rocketchat \
--replicas 1 \
--network appnet \
--env DEPLOY_METHOD=docker \
--env NODE_ENV=production \
--env PORT=3000 \
--env MONGO_URL="mongodb://" \
--env ROOT_URL= \
--env ADMIN_USERNAME=myadmin \
--env ADMIN_PASS=secret \
--env \
--env Accounts_AvatarStorePath=/app/uploads \
--secret rocketchat_secret \

View the RocketChat Service Logs

Lets monitor the docker service logs for our rocketchat service:

$ docker service logs -f rocketchat

rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | Using GridFS for custom sounds storage
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | Using GridFS for custom emoji storage
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | ufs: temp directory created at "/tmp/ufs"
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | System startup
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | +--------------------------------------------------------------+
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | |                        SERVER RUNNING                        |
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | +--------------------------------------------------------------+
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | |                                                              |
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | |  Rocket.Chat Version: 0.58.2                                 |
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | |       NodeJS Version: 4.8.4 - x64                            |
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | |             Platform: linux                                  |
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | |         Process Port: 3000                                   |
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | |             Site URL:           |
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | |     ReplicaSet OpLog: Disabled                               |
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | |          Commit Hash: 988103d449                             |
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | |        Commit Branch: HEAD                                   |
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | |                                                              |
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | +--------------------------------------------------------------+
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | Inserting admin user:
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | Name: Administrator
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | Email:
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | Username: myadmin
rocketchat.1.lnbyfjiotqpz@docker-swarm-worker-03    | Password: secret

Now you should be able to access Rocket Chat on the ROOT_URL that you have specified.


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