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Using the Python sys library to read data from stdin


Using Python's sys library to read data from stdin.

In this basic example we will strip our input, delimited by the comma character, add it to a list, and print it out

Python: Read Data from Standard Input

import sys
import json

mylist = []

data_input =
destroy_newline = data_input.replace('\n', '')
mylist = destroy_newline.split(', ')

print("Stripping each word and adding it to 'mylist'")
print("Found: {} words in 'mylist'".format(len(mylist)))
for x in mylist:
    print("Word: {}".format(x))

We will echo three words and pipe it into our python script:

$ echo "one, two, three" | python
Stripping each word and adding it to 'mylist'
Found: 3 words in 'mylist'
Word: one
Word: two
Word: three

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