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Using Python to Query MySQL Database with MySQLdb Library


a Quick post to demostrate how to use Python to Query data from MySQL. We will use the MySQL Docker Image for the demonstration.

Provision MySQL

We will use the latest mysql image, and use the environment variable to pass the root password, and also expose the mysql port:

$ docker run -itd -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password mysql

Populate some data in MySQL

Connect to MySQL:

$ mysql -h -u root -ppasword

Create some test data:

mysql> create database foo;
mysql> use foo;
mysql> create table bar (name VARCHAR(20), surname VARCHAR(20));
mysql> insert into bar values('ruan', 'bekker');
mysql> insert into bar values('stefan', 'bester');
mysql> insert into bar values('peter', 'williams');

Python with MySQL: Setup the Environment

We will use virtualenv to create a virtual environment to keep our installation isolated from the rest of our system. Install virtualenv:

$ pip install virtualenv

Create a virtual environment and install the required dependency:

$ virtualenv venv-mysql
$ source venv-mysql/bin/activate
(venv-mysql) pip install MySQL-python

Python with MySQL: Develop the Client

>>> import MySQLdb
>>> db = MySQLdb.connect('', 'root', 'password', 'foo')
>>> con = db.cursor()
>>> con.execute("SELECT * from bar")
>>> rows = con.fetchall()
>>> for row in rows:
...     print(row[0], row[1])
('ruan', 'bekker')
('stefan', 'bester')
('peter', 'williams')
>>> exit()

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