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Splitting Query String Parameters from a URL in Python


I'm working on capturing some data that I want to use for analytics, and a big part of that is capturing the query string parameters that is in the request URL.

So essentially I would like to break the data up into key value pairs, using Python and the urllib module, which will then pushed into a database like MongoDB or DynamoDB.

Our URL:

So the URL's that we will have, will more or less look like the following:

So we have a couple of utm parameters, company id, group name etc, which will be use for analysis

Python to Capture the Parameters:

Using Python, it's quite easy:

>>> from urllib import parse
>>> url = ''

>>> parse.urlsplit(url)
SplitResult(scheme='https', netloc='', path='/one/abc123', query='companyId=178231&group_name=abc_12&utm_source=survey&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=survey-top-1', fragment='')
>>> parse.parse_qsl(parse.urlsplit(url).query)
[('companyId', '178231'), ('group_name', 'abc_12'), ('utm_source', 'survey'), ('utm_medium', 'email'), ('utm_campaign', 'survey-top-1')]

Now to get our data in a dictionary, we can just convert it using the dict() function:

>>> dict(parse.parse_qsl(parse.urlsplit(url).query))
{'companyId': '178231', 'group_name': 'abc_12', 'utm_source': 'survey', 'utm_medium': 'email', 'utm_campaign': 'survey-top-1'}

This data can then be used to write to a database, which can then be used for analysis.


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