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Snippet: Create Custom CloudWatch Metrics with Python


A quick post on how create custom CloudWatch Metrics using Python on AWS.

After you produced the metrics into CloudWatch, you will be able to see them when navigating to:

  • CloudWatch, Metrics, Custom Namespaces, statusdash/ec2client

When selecting:

Select Metric: SomeKey1, SomeKey2
Select MetricName HttpResponseTime

And should look like this:

The Script:

The python script that will be using boto3 to talk to AWS:

import boto3
import random
cloudwatch = boto3.Session(region_name='eu-west-1').client('cloudwatch')
response = cloudwatch.put_metric_data(
MetricData = [
        'MetricName': 'HttpResponseTime',
        'Dimensions': [
                'Name': 'Server',
                'Value': ''
                'Name': 'Client',
                'Value': 'Client-ABC'
        'Unit': 'Milliseconds',
        'Value': random.randint(20, 50)
Namespace = 'statusdash/ec2client'


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