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Persist Vault Data with Amazon S3 as a Storage Backend


In a previous post we have set up the vault server on docker, but using a file backend to persist our data.

In this tutorial we will configure vault to use amazon s3 as a storage backend to persist our data for vault.

Provision S3 Bucket

Create the S3 Bucket where our data will reside:

$ aws s3 mb --region=eu-west-1 s3://somename-vault-backend

Vault Config

Create the vault config, where we will provide details about our storage backend and configuration for the vault server:

$ vim volumes/config/s3vault.json

Populate the config file with the following details, you will just need to provide your own credentials:

  "backend": {
    "s3": {
      "region": "eu-west-1",
      "access_key": "ACCESS_KEY",
      "secret_key": "SECRET_KEY",
      "bucket": "somename-vault-backend"
  "listener": {
      "address": "",
      "tls_disable": 1
  "ui": true

Docker Compose

As we are using docker to deploy our vault server, our docker-compose.yml:

$ cat > docker-compose.yml << EOF
version: '2'
    image: vault
    container_name: vault
      - "8200:8200"
    restart: always
      - ./volumes/logs:/vault/logs
      - ./volumes/file:/vault/file
      - ./volumes/config:/vault/config
      - IPC_LOCK
    entrypoint: vault server -config=/vault/config/s3vault.json

Deploy the vault server:

$ docker-compose up

Go ahead and create some secrets, then deploy the docker container on another host to test out the data persistence.

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