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#1 Curious Weekly: The Samurai Turtle

Jul 9, 2019 | 3 minutes read

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Welcome to the 1st post of #curious-weekly! In this week we have some really awesome content:


Pretty cool posts about serverless, api’s, s3 codepipeline, ecs and more:


Pipelines with Jenkins, fully automated mongodb cluster using ansible and vagrant, kubernetes and spinnaker:


Really cool service for hacking markdown:


A very basic golang app that I played around with while learning golang:


A really cool free postgresql course offered by freecodecamp and content on redis:

Configuration Management:

I stumbled upon Chef, its awesome!


Containers! I can’t live without them. Bekker Stacks, Kubernetes, Docker, k3s, microservices, multipass:

Developer Environments:

Multi Machine Environments with Vagrant and I started a github repository with vagrantfiles:

Monitoring, Logging & Metrics:

Prometheus, InfluxDB and Elastic:


Some cool content posted by here.com on using a RaspberryPi to track real-time data:

How Stuff Works:

Check how https works and some content on json web tokens:


Kafka! Its pretty legit!

Chaos Engineering:

Amazing post on chaos engineering:

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning Beginners guide on simple linear regression:

Data Science:

Checkout Apache NiFi and using Tweepy to build a dataset of Twitter users:

Setup Some Servers:

Some cool diy projects and roll your own OAuth2 Server:


Cool workshops with OpenFaas and Docker Swarm:

Scripts, Tips & Gists:

Vagrant, Docker, Golang, DynamoDB, Python and Bash:


What do you think of the curated list? Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter:

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