A couple of projects that I keep myself busy with

Technical Content Writing

I’m passionate about learning and distributing my knowledge on my blogs:

And on community blogs:



I love writing small code snippets with the intention that it could help someone out there, I’ve commited to 100DaysOfCodeSnippets


Monitoring Made Easy

Monitoring with Docker and Grafana should be as simple as possible and therefore, I have built a repository docker-monitoring-stack-gpnc to do so:


A github repository with most of the commands, code-snippets that I stumbled upon and saved for reference:

Bekker Stacks

Ready to Deploy Docker Swarm Stacks


Blockchain Nodes running on Containers:

K3M - Kubernetes on Multipass

Run k3s distribution of kubernetes on multipass

Elasticsearch Hands-On Tutorial

Step-by-Step, in-depth Elasticsearch Workshop

MongoDB Hands-On Tutorial with Python

Step-by-Step, pymongo workshop with python:

Python Flask - My First Python App

When I was busy learning Python, I wanted to create a web based application that can save bookmarks to MongoDB and Search via Elasticsearch:

Other Projects


A list of my workshops demonstrating hands-on usage of services:

Community Support

I help out answering tech related questions on mediums such as AWS and DevOps user groups, but most of the time I have a dedicated slack channel where people can reach out to me: